Blabcoats Interview - Seeing the world through bio-inspired cameras (2018)

Seeing the world through bio-inspired cameras

Hamid and Alex, from Blabcoats interview me about biology-inspired cameras and how we are using these devices to sovle real-world problems. We talk about applications ranging from detectin space junk, to applications in medical science and in making drones smarter and more capable. We also talk about evolutionary algorithms, artificial intelligence, and my infamous efforts to build a ping-pong roboit.

Watch this video directly on Youtube, or listen as a Podcast.

You can watch more of their excellent podcasts and interviews at the Blabcoats Homepage, on their Youtube Channel, or follow them on Twitter.

Gregory Cohen
Associate Professor of Neuromorphic Systems

A neuromorphic researcher focusing on event-based vision systems, neuromorphic computation, and space domain awareness.

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